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  Bioteich® natural swimming pools work according to the principle of regeneration, like
natural lakes. Comprising a system of vegetated filters (regeneration pool and filtration pool),
natural swimming pools are treated without any chemical products or UV filter.

Basic principles: it is organic matter which alters the quality of the water in a natural swimming pool.
Thanks to the Bioteich® system, the organic matter is continuously eliminated in a process of natural degradation. First, the organic matter present in the water is mineralised. Next, the mineral elements dissolved in the water flow through the various vegetated filters. Throughout the circuit, the aquatic plants use these minerals to aid their growth. At the end of the process, the water no longer has any impurities. It is thus clear and limpid all year long.

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Swimming pool
The water in the pool is sucked out by the pump via the bung at the bottom and starts up a new cycle.
Filtration zone and pumps
At this stage, the water is treated by the joint action of the bacteria (mineralization of the organic matter) and the aquatic plants (phytoextraction). At the outlet of the swimming pool, the plants grow faster because the water here contains more minerals. Also, a pump ensures that the water circulates permanently in a closed circuit to guaranted continuous cleaning.
Like the streams that feed mountain lakes, the water becomes enriched in oxygen as it forms a waterfall. The presence of large quantities of oxygen accelerates the mineralization process.
Regeneration zone
The water in the pool is sucked out by the pump via the bung at the bottom and starts up a new cycle.

For more information, contact

M. Laurent Brunier at 514 217-2263
or by e-mail at lbrunier@trevi.ca
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