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The visual aspect of a poll is the key element for consumers, who are searching for a style that will integrate seamlessly with their landscaping and home architecture. It is doubly important, as it attracts the consumers' attention and drives their eventual purchase. In order to create attractive and elegant water basins, our designers are inspired by the latest fashions as well as current architectural and decorative trends.

The artistic development of our new products is a collaborative process involving two renowned industrial design firms. Alto Design Inc. Is involved in the design of our wood pools, as well as our resin-injection pools, available in 2010. We also work closely with Primeau Designers Inc. For the creation of our cutting-edge designs.

Our designers creativity is driven by our client's tastes as well as by the durability and quality of the final product. Every design must also meet our strict safety guidelines. Special attention is paid to the selection of materials in order to minimize the environmental impact of our products. Finally, ease of installation is also an important criteria.

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