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As pool specialists, we take care to respect the environment and ensure that natural resources are used wisely and sparingly. Being green is an integral part of who we are. It is an essential value that is reflected in every aspect of our business endeavours. We are committed to clean production methods and saving energy. The environment is at the heart of our R&D efforts. It is central to our development and is reflected in our innovative product offering.

Choosing a Trevi pool is choosing to make the wisest eco-friendly choice.

  • Trevi is dedicated to managing its production processes in a manner which puts the least stress on pour natural resources :
  • We use only the latest and most eco-friendly machinery and equipment, minimizing our consumption of both electricity and water.
  • To avoid waste, our material purchases are calculated to match our production as closely as possible.
  • To reduce the environmental footprint of our products, we use as much recycles matter as we possibly can.
  • We recycle 100 % of all residual matter that goes into our production process (wood chips, plastics, cardboard and paper packaging, etc.).
  • All of our employees are sensitive to our mission and manage raw materials in an efficient manner.

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