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Our core values
Trevi believes that its ongoing efficiency, as well the company’s future, are based on the trust we inspire among our customers, our collaborators, our shareholders and our public and private partners. Therefore, Trevi expects its associates and contributors to exhibit these same essential core values: integrity, respect and cooperation.

A code of ethics is distributed to all of our associates: it describes the principles that should guide the behaviour of all of our partners at all times. This includes respecting the rules of free competition, the integrity and reliability of our internal control processes, accounting practices and financial information, following established laws, rules and best practices guidelines relative to safety, health and environmental responsibility.

Trevi encourages every collaborator to adopt an exemplary professional attitude that reaches above and beyond simply abiding by laws, rules and common courtesy.

Our associates and collaborators are the heart and soul of Trevi’s corporate culture. They have always been considered our company’s main asset. Trevi’s Charter of Human Resources, an initiative spearheaded by Clément Hudon, was created to highlight, explain and promote three basic principles: respect, trust and equality. The Charter was updated in 2008 to adequately cover cultural diversity, discourage discrimination and promote a healthy balance between the professional and personal aspects of our lives.
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