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The following section is designed to help you test your pool water. It outlines which items need to be checked, which products are recommended and how to solve problems. Of course, if a problem persists, don’t hesitate to call on the expert help of our analysts and technicians. They will be glad to help.

To test your pool water properly, you need a reliable test kit that is quick, accurate, easy to use and affordable such as TRÉVI’S 5-IN-1 TEST KIT or 3-IN-1 TEST KIT.


The following procedures will help you keep your pool water in perfect condition and minimize the need for testing :
  • Change your filtering sand every three to five years. If you use TRÉVI FILTRE regularly, you could change filtrating sand every five years.
  • Backwash weekly or sooner if the pressure gauge reading is high.
  • Never pour two chemicals in the water at the same time.
  • We do not recommend the use of a timer on your filtering system, since it could lead to a water imbalance that would be costly to correct. Instead, choose an energy-saving dual-speed pump (running on low speed during the night).
  • Close your pool as late as possible in the fall, keeping the water clean and maintaining optimum alkalinity, and open it as early as possible in the spring.
  • Check alkalinity and hardness every week or, if you have an artesian well, every time you add water.
  • Check pH regularly and adjust as needed.
  • Add algaecide 40% to the pool at the beginning of the season and algaecide 12% on a weekly basis.
  • Add chlorine to the pool regularly and do a weekly shock treatment.
  • Make sure the OTO and PHÉNOL vials are replaced every year.
  • Check the expiry date on the bottle of AQUA CHECK or TRÉVI 3-IN-1 TEST KIT strips.
  • Check if the sand is dirty, worn smooth or contaminated (presence of algae). If so, clean with TRÉVI FILTRE, backwash or change the sand (every 3 to 5 years).
  • Make sure that algaecide has been applied regularly and in the recommended quantity and concentration.
  • Check that the filtering system is on at least 18 hours a day (or non-stop if your system has a chlorinator or purifier).
Note : The items appear by order of importance and must be handled in that order since changes to one item may affect the next. For a complete analysis, we recommend the use of AQUA CHECK or TRÉVI 3-IN-1 TEST KIT strips. You can also take a pool water sample to your TREVI store on a regular basis for a free analysis.
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