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Depending on actual weather conditions, you could begin the pool opening process as early as the end of April, ideally while there is still a little ice on the water’s surface.

In fact, we recommended you open your pool as early as possible to avoid the evaporation of any chemical products that were added to the water in the fall. Opening your pool or spa while following Trevi's recommendations will ensure ideal water conditions all summer long.
Since opening an in-ground pool is a complex procedure, we strongly recommend that you protect your investment by calling a Trévi specialist. He’ll help you avoid causing damage to your pool that could, void your warranty.

Our professional opening service is just what you need. By choosing Trevi’s opening service, you’ll have access to expert technicians who are specialists in the fi eld, and who have the equipment required to properly open your pool or spa. As a result, your investment will be adequately protected and you’ll avoid having to perform this fastidious task yourself.

In order to secure the services of our experts, simply enter all relevant information into one of the agreements below, and forward it to us by clicking on the “submit” button. A Trevi Customer Service Representative will contact you shortly to set a date for the required work.
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